Auswebtech offers website and email hosting, you don't have to get your website designed by Auswebtech to utilise our web and e-mail hosting service.

The Auswebtech website hosting package is inclusive of your domain e-mail hosting ( and is available at economical rates.

Auswebtech uses a reputable data storage facility and the server uptime is guaranteed to 99.9% and you have peace of mind that your website is online to all your potential customers and clients around the clock.

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Auswebtech can register your domain name for you. It doesn't matter what type of domain you require we can register them all. We currently manage many domain names for various businesses and individuals.

Why should you get a domain name?

A domain name allows your current and future clients to find your business via the Internet in a far simpler method than using your ISP host name. For example: Let's say you use an ISP or another anonymous provider and your username is mycompany. Your website address would be, for example, then your would be

Now let's take the scenario that you decide you want to switch to another provider for your broadband services, now how do all your clients find you, you will have to advise each and every one that your address has changed and running the risk of missing people of your notification list and therefore potentially losing business, not to mention the costs of reprinting and possible signage update costs.

Using other anonymous email addresses just doesn't look professional, at least not as professional as and your emails reflecting the same name with something like info@ or sales@ you domain,

By registering your own domain name, the only details your clients have to remember is your domain name, it's that simple. Your domain would look something like and your e-mails would simply be with the possibility of having all the e-mail address you wish, this however depends on your hosting company. Also, your domain emails can be forwarded to wherever you wish them to be, including being forwarded to multiple accounts.

If you decide to change your ISP or hosting companies, this will not create a problem, you advise your new hosting company and they make the switch behind the scenes and all is done, no advising clients that you have moved your ISP or web hoster and no re-printing your stationery and signage, a lot less hassle and far more economical.

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Being found via search engines is very important these days as this is one of the most common ways for you to advertise your business to online searchers. It is imperative that your website works properly within the search engine parameters and rules.

There are many companies professing they can get you to number 1 in search listing. If you do your research to these claims, even Google warn against these false claims.

There are various ways for your SEO to be done correctly. If your website is designed by Auswebtech, then you need not worry as your site is fully optimised within its design. However, in the case that it has not been designed by us, we can still give you a analytic report and costing to bring your website to be search engine friendly and optimised.

We can also set up an online analytical reporting system whereby you can monitor your website's performance 24 hours a day.

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Auswebtech have been designing websites since 1998. Through the decades technology has changed dramatically.
In today's society, if your business is not online, you are missing out on valuable business.
But being online is just one important thing your business needs, the other is to ensure your web presence not only appeals to your clients/customers, but make them want to use your business for its products or services.

We ensure your websites talks to your target market, from its smart and sharp design to the ability to work across all devices from android phones to PCs using a fully responsive cross platform design.