Auswebtech have been designing professional websites and intranets since 1998. Auswebtech approach every website design in a way that enables us to create a website that is not only informative to the clients needs but also visually appealing to the viewer. We offer you a website that looks like no other, we do not sell you a website that is designed from a template, your company is unique and we believe your website should be also.

We have the knowledge and expertise to build websites using: CSS, HTML, DHTML, Javascript, PHP, My SQL and various programs are used for our graphic design including Flash.

The most difficult stage of the design process is making sure that the message you want to put across to the viewer or client is clear and precise within your website. Some pictures of products and or services, graphics from free to use graphic sources, poorly structured content, lazy navigation and links, bad grammar and spelling are all a reflection on your business and company image. We make sure that your website is perceived by the viewer in the way you intend it to be and with a professional look.

A web presence that is professionally designed demonstrates that you value your visitors enough to invest in its development and gives your site and business credibility.

Following is the way that Auswebtech conduct our business with our clientele:

We arrange a meeting with our clients, providing a free two (2) hour consultation. During this meeting we formulate a scope on how to design the most relevant website for your business.

Using the following guidelines we can do this with a minimum level of time wastage.

  • Define the purpose of the site: Is it intended to promote a service, product or information. We together will Identify the areas that will make it different from your competition and at the same time being useful and informative to your customers or clientele
  • Knowing the target Audience: The initial design should be created with the audience in mind, try and ascertain what style of website will be appealing and informative to them
  • Basic structure development: Website information can come in various stages/pages, ensure the information is viewed in a logical format
  • Design Implementation: By bringing technology, design and graphic elements together smoothly, you can ensure they will all compliment each other.

On completion of your website, it will be uploaded to the applicable hosting server. A few more points need to be adhered to, this will assist the success of your website even further.

  • Site launch: A very important factor in your website's success, is that you tell everybody who needs to know that the website is ready for them to view
  • Search Engines: As your website is fully optimised for search engines within its design. You may wish to consider utilising our Digital Marketing service
  • Monitoring: Now that your website has been launched, don't forget to monitor it on a regular basis, make the necessary adjustments as they arise. You may wish to take advantage of our Digital Marketing service
  • Customer feedback: The best source of information on how you website is being perceived by the business and public sectors, use this feedback to ascertain what changes and modifications are required for your website.


Auswebtech can provide you with a cost effective way of redesigning your existing website without paying the full cost all over again. Our website makeover service can save you hundreds of dollars in getting a fresh new looking website. Providing you already have a fully functional website Auswebtech can assist you.


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